Commercial cleaning system that kills up to 99.99% of bacteria and viruses

Perfect for any business including offices, bars and restaurants!  This ground breaking cleaning system has the ability to transform regular tap water in to Stabilised Aqueous Ozone – a powerful cleaner, stain remover, deodoriser and germ killer.

Stabilised Aqueous Ozone is able to break down grease, dirt and other contaminants and is even safe enough to use on food products. The Ozone water cleaner that is produced by the unit has the ability to replace all-purpose cleaners, glass cleaners, deodorisers and sanitisers.

A highly effective and chemical-free commercial-level cleaning system, the Tersano Lotus Pro replaces up to 90% of your cleaning products with one powerful product. Using an all-natural solution called ‘Stabilised Aqueous Ozone’ (SAO™), it is able to kill up to 99.99% of harmful bacteria and many viruses.


Put the solution into spray bottles, mop buckets and cleaning machines to clean and sanitise entire buildings or premises, from floors to windows, ceramics, upholstery, mirrors, kitchens, worktops, carpets and more, using just one batch.

What is SAO™?

Stabilised Aqueous Ozone (SAO™) is made entirely from natural elements. The solution is created inside the Lotus Pro unit; where volts of electricity are infused into normal tap water, splitting the oxygen atoms in the water and turning it from o2 into o3. Whilst in its o3 state, Aqueous Ozone is able to kill up to 99.999% of harmful bacteria and viruses. Importantly, the stabiliser cartridge in the Lotus Pro enables Aqueous Ozone to remain in this ‘cleaning format’ for up to 24 hours (hence the name Stabilised Aqueous Ozone) before simply returning to normal tap water, offering something unlike any other system on the market.

How much does the Lotus Pro cost?

Many of our clients have seen overall savings of up to 50-80% in their cleaning budget when switching from cleaning chemicals to SAO™. Here are the costing guidelines for the Lotus Pro:

Lotus Pro Unit (one of payment)
Total price £1000.00 (ex VAT) £1200 (inc VAT)

SAO™ FB SA04 24 hour Cartridge
Total price £450.00 (ex VAT) £540.00 (inc VAT) 

Installation Training (one-off initial payment)
Total price £125.00 

Once ordered the lotus Pro can be delivered and installed in just 7 days. Email for further information or a product demonstration. 

TERSANO iClean Mini 


Now more than ever, you’re concerned about the invisible danger on your surfaces. Harsh chemicals have taken over your cleaning routine, just so you can sleep better at night. You’re sanitizing, wiping and spraying generously.


Your hands are dry. Your eyes are burning. And your voice of reason is getting louder by the day: are these solutions creating more problems?

In fact, they are.

iClean® mini takes a different approach, turning tap water into a highly effective cleaner and sanitizer. It’s simple, it’s proven and it’s 100% safe. Accidentally get it on your skin, in your eyes, even in your mouth — you’ll be fine. The oxidizing solution just reverts back to water and oxygen.

It’s nice enough to keep on your countertop and ready to work whenever you need it. The iClean mini will cut the cost of your cleaning as well as reducing your carbon footprint! Once you purchase the iClean mini you won't need to buy another cleaning product again. Can be used all over your home including your windows, counter tops, fabrics and carpets. 

iClean mini total price £199.00 (ex VAT) £238.00 (inc VAT)

Included with your iClean mini is one SAO Cartridge which is good for 3 months or approx. 4L (1 gal). Replacement cartridges available. 

email for a demonstration or further information here