We provide peace of mind for you and your little ones. Coming home from a sterile hospital environment for the first time can be a really scary experience especially with so many germs around the home and in the car. 

SCANDI baby provides a service which eradicates bacteria and viruses in preparation for your arrival home using our three step process. 

First of all we tackle your home with our iVac vacuuming equipment which has HEPA and ULPA filters, this helps to remove uptown 99.99% of airborne particles leaving your home with cleaner and safer air. 

We then cleanse using our iClean mini which is chemical free targeting key areas within your home. Our final part of the process is using our environmentally friendly solution with our electrostatic sprayer which coats and protects any item it lands creating a protective barrier on including fabrics, baby cots and soft toys providing protection.

The iClean mini can also be purchased for everyday continuous use. Email or call us for more information or a demonstration. 


Our products are not tested on animals. 

The journey home...

Leaving hospital for the first time can be a daunting experience. As well as making sure that your family home including your new baby room is ready and bacteria free we understand at SCANDI that first journey home should be one to remember and give you the peace of mind that the family car is as protected as the family home. 

We will take time to ensure that your baby travel cot, prams, car seats, dashboard and baby essentials have all been treated both with our iClean mini and our electrostatic sprayer using our child safe product. 

We will also provide further information on how to maintain a virus free environment allowing you to focus on their first steps knowing they are safe and protected. 

Call Christine here for further information on SCANDI baby. 


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