We are SCANDI. Our goal is to help eradicate potential harm caused by viruses that surround our lives each day. All viruses adapt and we need to do so too.


Bleach and its highly perfumed alternatives will kill bacteria, however can impact various health problems including respiratory issues. 

We cleanse, sanitise and protect your home or business from common viruses including COVID-19 (CSP)  Cleanse, Sanitise and Protect. 

We use state of the art equipment including a unique electrostatic spraying system along with our scientifically approved environmentally kind product which has been proven to eradicate bacteria. 

We want to be able to offer peace of mind knowing that your environment is safer and cleaner. 

This process isn’t time consuming and leaves no horrible after smell. Think Scandinavian fresh air!

We are there from the start, helping you to prepare for our visit. In advance we will give you an overview of our process as well as explain the equipment we use. We will also provide a few tips on how to keep your environment safer moving forward. 

We believe that if we work together, then your home, your workplace, the local nursery, favourite bar, restaurant or the favourite barbers, will all become a safer and healthier environment.

As well as treating your home or business we have partnered with numerous innovative chemical free companies to provide a range of products that can be used in either your home or business. 



We have decades of experience. We have also tried and tested so many products along the way as the world adapts to a more environmentally way of living. 

The hospitality industry - where standards are paramount - can sometimes fall short of expectations, especially in the cleaning sector. It hasn't really moved forward and that's why we created SCANDI - although, we are not a cleaning company...we cleanse.


Think about this, we have the latest hybrid cars, organic fruit and vegetables and we as a planet focus on reducing our carbon footprint however the standard approach to cleaning has remained the same, using harsh chemicals in our homes and workspaces. 

Working as a executive housekeeper for some of the most prestigious hotels all over the world or winning a Trip Advisor 'Hall of Fame' award for consistency has taught us that service comes in many forms, a bit like cleaning.


But who says you need bleach?

We were devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic and couldn't find anything out there to make sure that our family homes were safe, this lead to the birth of SCANDI. 


Our energy and passion to deliver service which exceeds expectations, as well as find products that work was key to creating our brand. Influenced by the Scandinavian cleaning ethos. It is world renowned then combined with us, hard working Scots. 

We are SCANDI. 



We make using our services simple. Even during social distancing measures. Once you contact us we arrange an appointment. This can be done either in person (we use effective PPE) or over the phone to gain and understanding of what we can do for you. 

We will then give you an overview of what to expect during our visit as well as explaining the products and equipment we use. 

Then its as simple as C.S.P - Cleanse, Sanitise and Protect.



Each year the government publishes various health and safety reports which document those areas within either our home or our business that are the areas that we touch most.

The traffic in workplaces are commonly going to impact door handles, toilet facilities, filing cabinets and staff canteen areas including shared equipment like microwaves or kettles. 

Within your home environment, the top bacteria harvesting offenders are remote controls, door handles, kitchen appliances, pet areas and light switches. A study on bacteria generating areas was completed in 2019 and featured on the BBC found unhealthy bacteria growing more on small household appliances than what there was on the toilet. 

We treat all these key areas (touch points) specifically before we even start the electrostatic spraying process. The product cleanses and coats each of the areas we treat. 




In your home: In preparation for our visit we ask that your home or workplace is clean and tidy. Remember, we use a unique spraying system and we need the area to be fully accessible and cleaned in advance. 

Once we enter the premises we will tackle each of the areas that harvest germs and bacteria even before we start our spraying process. 

Within your home we will target areas like light switches, sockets, remote controls, kitchen appliances and electrical equipment, the things you and your family tend to come into contact with more. We use our  environmentally friendly yet effective solution and our iClean mini - which has been proven to kill bacteria on contact. Once each of the items have been tackled and cleansed then we begin using our electrostatic spraying process using our virus eliminating environmentally friendly solution. 

The process doesn't take too long and it won't interfere with your lifestyle as the products dry almost instantly allowing you to get back to your routine. 


In your business or place of work: In preparation again we ask that all areas are clear and tidy to allow full access. The area's within your home and work place tend to differ with more focus on staff areas, toilets, computer equipment and stock areas. We discuss this with you well in advance to ensure that by the completion of our work you have peace of mind that you and your employees and work place is cleansed, sanitised and protected. 

Should you have any questions with regards to our services please contact us and we can discuss our processes and your requirements.